Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Two Days and Counting!

  • Got idea? Check!
  • Completed a healthy chunk of research? Check!
  • Lined out characters? Check!
  • Laid out town? Check!
  • Interviewed characters? To do today!
  • Complete plot/subplot braid? To do tomorrow!
  • Bought coffee? Check!
  • Planned for quick meals? In progress...!
  • Proclaimed participation through social networks? To do today!
  • Reviewed NaNo site? To do tomorrow!
  • Warned family and friends? To do today!
  • Prayed? To do DAILY!
  • Sent my internal editorial staff on a month-long, well-deserved hiatus to the moon! To do at 6 a.m. November 1!
ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS: I love you very, very much. However, through the month of November--National Novel Writing Month, I will be participating in NaNoWriMo, which means I must write at least 2,084 words a day for 24 of the month's 30 days to meet my goal. If I miss a day or fail to make the count, I must compensate by writing more on other days. Therefore, I cannot engage in social activities or long, delightful phone conversations. I believe in the book I'm working on. Prayers and encouragement will be gratefully accepted. This is a first for me. Please feel free to ask me how things are going, as that will hold me accountable.

Comments, including seasoned advice, welcome. Be brief. Don't expect an answer until 1 December 2012 (exception: agents and editors).

Write on!
Because of Christ,


  1. Fun post, Sharon. I suspect some participants will be going through withdrawal from lack of Facebooking.

    Oh, and for those with blog obligations, don't forget to write and schedule your Novembers posts in advance. You don't want to divert energy from NaNoWriMo for routine blogging.

    And schedule a day off for Thanksgiving. No fun pecking at your netbook while family passes the turkey and gravy over your head. ;)

  2. NaNoWriMo is responsible for me having a published book today. :-) In fact, I am quoted several times in the NaNoWriMo book, NO PLOT NO PROBLEM by Chris Baty. Chris loaned me a laptop the first year of NaNoWriMo and his generosity and encouragement propelled me into taking my writing career seriously. It's an excellent exercise in determination and breaking through the wall of the tedious, lonely task of writing a novel! I highly recommend this experience to anyone who thinks they want to be a writer! I have a deadline looming and I think I'm going to use NaNoWriMo to meet it. Thanks for the reminder!