Sunday, January 18, 2015

Freely give

“…Freely you have received, freely give.” Matt. 10:8b (NKJV)

I intended to finish out 2014 with a few of my favorite things about writing beginning in September, specifically the following four things:

  1.     Closeness
  2.     Freedom
  3.     Research
  4.     Sharing

I had some technical issues and missed November, so I’m wrapping up the list today with number 4 - Sharing.

So to recap, writing, painting with words, draws me close to my Lord and Savior. And when Jesus is near, I experience freedom from all the cares and concerns that inevitably try to weigh me down.

With Him close, when I’m free from the noisy voices that want to steal my peace, I can seek and find anything. With His help I can uncover all the big, and little, nuggets of information I feel I need to make my stories plausible and interesting. He’s so good.
Learning new things energizes me more than a double espresso. Although I must say that would probably come in a close second. It’s all well and good to increase knowledge, but learning something valuable and not sharing it with somebody was never God’s intention. Writing is a great way to share what you’ve learned, but since writing full-time is not yet possible for me I’m convinced God has placed me in exactly the right workplace with the right people.

I’ve mentioned before that I work in a library. I have found that people who work in a library tend to love learning new things, and sharing that knowledge with anyone who will listen. In other words, I’m not the only one! I’m in good company.

That said it’s truly commendable how the ladies that I work with most closely will actually listen to me when I tell them yet another thing I discovered, and how much more awesome this thing is than the thing I “wowed” them with last time. They are so kind to at least pretend to be interested.

But I just can’t help myself! I want to talk about things I’ve learned especially if I suspect those things could benefit the person with whom I speaking. What God has freely given to me, I feel compelled to pass along.

Things like, did you know if you place a freshly sliced onion on a bee sting immediately after it happens and leave it there for 10 minutes, the juice from the onion will draw the poison from the bite? There will be no welt and it will not itch. It’s that cool? You can’t keep something like that to yourself. Right?
I could write a ton more words about all sorts of things I’ve learned, but they might be things you don’t care to know. And after all, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” Prov. 25:11 (NKJV) So just suffice it to say, I like sharing what I know and with God’s wisdom I’ll share it at the right time.

While I haven’t shared much specifically, I believe I have made my point and it’s time to let you go do something you love now.

Humbly submitted by H.T. Lord

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