Monday, October 22, 2018

The Apple in Your Toolbox

By Darren Kehrer

One of the most important tools in the writer's toolbox is the technology we use to spin our tales, log our adventures, and record the journeys throughout everyday life. Our computers, tablets, and cell phones have replaced the ink and quill of writers in days of old.

We all have our favorite devices, brands, and systems that make up the devices in our well-rounded toolbox. Like lightsabers to Jedi Knights, these are the tools of our trade. For me, my toolbox seems to full of Apples, as in Apple products that is.

Regardless of the device, a few important practices can keep all of your "tools" in great shape. No matter the device, be sure to follow are part of your routines:
  • Back up your devices: Computer, Tablet, or cell phone
    • Use an external HD or online service.
  • Use A/V or Malware software:
    • Do your research. Use one that is reputable, not a CPU hog, and is routinely well supported and updated.
    • Yes, MacOS can be vulnerable, but they are a tougher nut to crack. The bottom line is that Mac's need to be setup properly in order to be secure. Do not assume that, after powering up your new Mac, you are fully protected. I recommend Malwarebytes for Mac (which is FREE).
    • The bottom line: users can be tricked into something malicious. Know how to use your technology in order to prevent issues.
  • Don't use extremely outdated software or devices that access the Internet.
    • Using outdated technology or software can open you up to issues that come in the form of incompatible software, bugs, and security issues.
    • Technology is constantly evolving. The minimum requirements for software and security are always on the move.
    • For major software updates, however, give yourself a week or so to make sure no major bugs found their way into the update that would result in hindering your product work flow.
  • Keep a good array of apps to accomplish various tasks: 
    • MS Word, Apple Pages, Scrivener, and Storyist are great writing apps.
    • There are many other apps for drawing, logos, mind mapping, and image editors that all have a place to help you in your writing process.
  • Keep up with technology news.
    • Pick 3 sources to keep up with news about the devices and software you use. This is key to being alerted about issues, bugs, and updates.
Over the next several months, my posts will be focusing on best practices, great writing software, and a few pieces of software you may not even know about.

An Apple a day keeps your writing progress here to stay!

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  1. The high-tech tools of the trade certainly are handy. But yes, each one needs its own special care to keep working well.