Monday, February 8, 2010

Thank You

My thirteen year old daughter will soom have a fiction publishing credit. She predicted to a group of writers at the first Indiana ACFW meeting that we attended in 2008 that she would be published before me. She was only twelve when she make the prediction. I’m happy to report that she was right. The YA book, Final Touch, written by Brandilyn and Amberly Collins will contain study questions written by my daughter and the daughters of other Indiana ACFW chapter members. (Brandilyn has a wonderful blog full of great information for writers over at

While I am excited to see my daughter’s name in print in the acknowledgements of the book, it pales in comparison to the thrill that I experienced when I read the actual study questions that she wrote. She wrote some insightful questions. She really understood the spiritual themes woven throughout the book. I’m so thankful for the high quality of Christian fiction written today. I have the opportunity to provide my daughter, a voracious reader, with fabulous books written in every genre that contain spiritual themes that further her understanding of our Savior.

In addition, it is so uplifting to be a part of a community of writers who go above and beyond to help one another. Brandilyn is an absolute sweetheart to give the girls this opportunity. There have been many other Christian writers who have offered knowledge, helpful hints, sample proposals, prayer, suggestions, critiques, and encouragement to me while on my journey to publication. How about you? Why don't you give a shout out to someone who has helped or encouraged you?


  1. What exciting news!

    FYI - Susan J. Reinhardt has been a great help to me. And credit must go also of course, to all the wonderful blogs such as this one:)


  2. Yay!! Excited for your daughter--and for Mom!

  3. I remember meeting your daughter at the cluster we had in Gas City and I was so impressed with her. I'm so proud of her--and I'm equally proud of her mama who has done a good job with the child God entrusted to her.