Friday, September 17, 2010

Next year ...

Like a true Cubs fan, I'm thinking "Next year" about going to the ACFW conference. Time and money just didn't fall into place. Even though it was in Indianapolis, one of my favorite places of all, we just could not get our ducks in a row this year. I'm not going to make any political remarks about property taxes or farm prices.

In the meantime I keep trying to maintain forward motion on my WIP. I like to see that file updated every day, even if it's by just a few words or sentences or notes to myself.

Where will my stories end up? Since I am missing the conference, am I missing important connections? Or is it more important to stay home this weekend? It does give me a chance to host an all-girls sleepover for my daughter and her buds while my husband and sons are on a father-son camp out.

I often think of a phrase out of Psalm 31 -- "My times are in thy hands ..." In so many ways. At work, on the farm and with writing.

To everyone who is blessed to be able to go, be like Sponge Bob and soak everything in!

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