Sunday, July 3, 2011

E-Publishing: Please HELP Me

I THINK I'm about to launch my independently published books as e-books. . . I THINK. . .

SO this coming Friday (July 8), I plan to share some of my research about e-publishing on my regular blog. (This is an extra blog Darren has graciously given me.) HOW about HELPING me out for Friday with your pre-blog questions and comments here rather than post-blog ones, PLEASE?!

Do you read e-books? On what technology?
How does pricing affect your book selections?
Are your own books e-published? What's your experience with that so far?
Any cautions and tips for me and others about to e-publish?
What's the best or most important "thing" you've learned about e-books?

Et cetera, et cetera. . .

BTW, a bit earlier I enjoyed looking up previous mentions of e-books and e-publishing in past Hoosier Ink blogs. I may ask to quote some of you from those.

I look forward to your HELP! And please check back on Friday for more about e-publishing.

Millie Samuelson


  1. Hi Millie, I won't be very helpful with the publishing questions yet but I am a brand new Nook user. Still learning the ins and outs of it and getting used to reading a book on a screen. I chose the Nook because I could get it in color and look at interactive books with my children. I also review book covers and this seemed the best route for that as well. I also like that the Nook allows you to share books with others and to check out books from the local library. But I only know these things in theory so far! Best of luck :0)

  2. With the growing market of iPads, Kindles, etc...this is just going to continue to get bigger. Yes, I will always enjoy having a paper book in my hand, the smell of a new book working my nose, and being able to take a book to the beach, but, it's nice to have the electronic versions when you want to take multiple books with you on a trip, to an apt, or on vacation.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Suzanne and Darren! I hope you'll check out my tomorrow's blog to see what I end up sharing about this important topic. I right now writing the blog. . . :-)

  4. OOPS, edit needed -- add an AM before "right now". :-(