Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Post Conference Report

Early morning Indy streets.
Dinner out with new friends.
You meet the sweetest people at ACFW conference.

The pre-conference hype is over. So is the whirlwind of meetings, classes, ceremonies, and meals that comprise the conference. Excitement at sending out proposals and requested manuscripts wanes as life settles into a mixture of familiar chaos and unexpected family crises.
While it’s impossible to hold on to the high that occurs during conference, it’s not impossible to infuse its impact into everyday life. It’s as if a jar is jammed with rocks of importance and pebbles of ordinariness and the water of writing must fill up the air spaces between them. This is the writer’s life.  
 Results are yet to unfold, therefore faith and the Spirit-life is activated. When exhaustion and busyness overtake, recounting the Lord’s faithfulness will inspire perseverance.
As I blogged here last month, "Refuse to predetermine what God will do and how he'll do it. Instead, step out in obedience and push through the blockers. Then you'll praise him and say, 'Look what the Lord has done!'" 
Here are some of my at-conference blessings.

1.      I was keenly aware of God’s presence.
2.      I felt God’s pleasure in my pleasure in unified worship.
3.      I was inspired by testimonies of what He is doing.
4.      Gifts within were stirred through classes and conversations.
5.      Friendships solidified.
6.      Work alliances begun.
7.      I discovered new ACFW members who live within my county. This is a very exciting answer to a very long-term prayer.

There is more, but I wonder what you took away from conference. What did the Lord do for  you at ACFW conference 2013? 

Mary Allen, 2010 La Porte County Poet Laureate, has authored many articles and two books of poetry, "Journey to Christmas" and "Ten Days to an Empty Tomb". To be released soon is a third book of poems, "Full Spectrum Reflections", deals with seeing God in every facet of life. Allen contributed to "Kernels of Hope" and continues to work on women's fiction. Follow her online at 
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  1. Great pictures!! I wish I would have met you at conference! But I even managed to never see Peretti, either. So much to do there, so little time! :-) Nice post.

    1. So true, Karla. There were several people I'd hoped to meet and never did. It'd have been fun to meet you.