Monday, December 7, 2015

In other's words

Christmas is cuh-razy time for me as a Pastor's wife, Christmas Pageant Director, mom and grandma. Instead of coming up with new material, this month I'm going to share some read-worthy blog posts from other writers.

First, if you love A Christmas Carol (especially the Muppet version) and you love to write, Kristen Lamb's post is a must-read:

If you want to know what to get your writer-friends for Christmas, you can read my blog post here:

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I really enjoyed our ACFW-Indiana president, Rick Barry's, blog posts on editing and pride. I think you will, too:

God Wants to Edit You

My Name is Pride

I was actually writing a post like the one below for Hoosier Ink before I read this one by Anne Garboczi Evans. I'd changed my mind because I didn't want to come across negative. But thanks to Anne, I might anyway, because I love this post!

5 Ways to Justify Scrooge-ness in a Christmas Elf World

How about you? Are you feeling overwhelmed at Christmas? Do you write much in the month of December? If so, what do you write? Weigh in!

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