Wednesday, December 2, 2015

God's Love Most Gentle

by Mary Allen

What do you do when the one you love is shattered like glass?

In Jeremiah, God says that you can't heal a wound that you won't even admit is there. How true this is for recent missionary widow, Kim Macomb. With the help of close family and friends, she is physically healing from the horrors she experienced. However she's hiding choices she made that she can't forgive herself for, choices that effected other people's lives.

When running from the truth erodes her ability to be a good mother, Kim seeks help. Unfortunately, she still isn't facing all of what happened in Zaire, Africa. She isn't addressing her anger at God, nor the fear that compels her to run from Mitch, the new love in her life. 

Determined to be independent, Kim pushes away those who care most about her. Before long she is involved with Hank, a good man who understands brutal war experiences, but doesn't know God. Soon Kim realizes there are some wrong choices you can't hide. When Kim thinks she's lost everything, she finds redemption in God's Love Most Gentle.

Kim's story plays out against the comedic background of  quirky landlord Dora who stills sets the table for a dead husband and her mother's romance to a local rancher who rescues 'Catastrophe' Carol as often as she needs it.

"God's Love Most Gentle" written under the pen name Mary Marie Allen goes on sale December 8 on Kindle as ebook and soft covers are available from the author for $14.99. Leave a comment below for a chance to win a free copy - your choice ebook or soft cover.

Mary Allen's three books of poetry are still available. "Journey to Christmas" - the thoughts and feelings of those involved in the first Christmas sells for 4.99  as e-book through Amazon. 


  1. This just jumped to the top of my reading list!

  2. Thanks! I'm sure you'll enjoy it much!

  3. Wow, this sounds like a great read. Would love to win a copy!

    1. Thanks, Jen. I'll let you know the winner as soon as the book is out.

  4. Update: release has been postponed be 10 days - winner will be announced at that time.

  5. Winner of "God's Love Most Gentle" is Jen Colson.