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That All-Important First Page
ACFW Indiana's June 15th  meeting gives you
the opportunity to have your first page critiqued by professional editors!

All submissions will be anonymous.
The meeting will take place from 11:30 until 3:00
at Martino’s Italian Villa
1929 North Washington St. Kokomo, Indiana (765) 457-9181.

Here’s what you do BEFORE the meeting:
1. Prepare the first page of your work in progress or the first page of a book that you are currently pitching to editors and agents.  The header can be completely blank unless you’d like to include genre.
2. Make four copies of the page, four for the editors and one for the emcee.
3. Take the four pages with you to the meeting where one of the board officers will collect them.

Here’s what will happen AT the meeting:
1. After our lunch, the emcee will read each submission out loud. Again, no names/authors are never mentioned.
2. As the emcee reads, the editors also have a copy in front of them. Each raises a hand if she decides the submission would not be suitable for them. If two out of three raise their hands, the emcee stops reading.
3. Once the emcee stops reading—either because two hands were raised or she finished the page—the panel members explain why they rejected the submission. They also will comment upon what they liked about the piece.

Here’s the Take-Away:
1. A better understanding of the average day in the life of an agent or editor as they work through their slush pile.
2. Tips on how you can improve that all-important first page!

Meet our Professional Editors

Rebekah R. Tussing
Tisha Martin
Joan Shoup
Writes as J.M. Hochstetler

2019 Calendar of Events
We're excited to offer four events throughout 2019,
 most of which are in slightly different venues.

March 16
11:30 to 3:00
Plainfield, IN (southwest Indianapolis area)
Coachman Restaurant
Hallee Bridgeman
RSVP to acfwindianachapter@gmail.com

June 15
11:30 to 3:00
Kokomo, IN
Martino's Italian Villa
Agent/Editor Panel
Bring copies of your current WIP!
Details to come

August 17
11:30 to 3:00
Indianapolis (northside)
MCL Cafeteria
Author panel
"Queries and Proposals"

November 16
11:30 to ???
in various venues around the state
small groups
Have a Nanowrimo style get-together--
word wars
read and swap

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