The Indiana chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers national organization exists to encourage writers of Christian fiction, to assist in the development of their skills, to educate them in the market, and provide a source of fellowship.

The Indiana ACFW Chapter offers the friendship and support of people who understand the challenges of a writer's life. We meet as a group several times a year, utilizing both in-person and online events to exchange industry information, share experiences, and to grow in the craft of writing.  We encourage smaller "cluster groups" to meet and critique or discuss writing with fellow members in their various regions of Indiana.

Our group consists of a wide variety of writers, male and female, young and old, newbies and multi-published authors. While the main focus of our group is on writing fiction, many of our members also write nonfiction books and articles, or work in related fields such as editing or reporting.

If you've been looking for a group like this one, consider coming to one of our events as a guest. Check out the requirements for membership here. 

Once you join, you can be added to the ACFW Indiana Chapter Facebook Page and subscribe to our quarterly newsletter.

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