Friday, June 10, 2011

First I Edit, Then I Tweak

YAY! I've just found out I'm free to attend the Write to Publish Conference held at Wheaton College that starts tomorrow morning (Wed, June 8). Since it's just about my favorite conference, I'm delighted for this unexpected gift of time so I can attend. However, it means I don't have several days I was counting on to write (and tweak) this post. So I'll share with you just the skeleton of my TWEAK acrostic.

But first, CONGRATS to Rick Barry who has the lead article in the current Christian Communicator, titled "Great Ideas Are Not Enough." Don't miss it! In superb ways, it hints at my TWEAK acrostic below.

After I've edited a piece of writing, then I TWEAK it. Since I'm rushing to drive to Wheaton in a couple of hours, I don't have time to explain or illustrate how I differ between editing and tweaking. But here's my TWEAK acrostic skelton for you to ponder on your own. Maybe next month I'll share with you my illustrated acrostic.

These are the main "things" I check when I'm tweaking:

T iming
W ords
E nergy
A ction
K nowlege

Do feel free to share your own TWEAK acrostic or definition in a comment.

Summer conference blessings,
Millie Samuelson


  1. I like this! I wrote it down on my editing page that I hang beside my couch (where I like to do edits at night) and in front of my computer in my office. Thanks!

  2. No wonder I like WTP so much -- this time I was verbally offered contracts for all four of my books (two of them I've independently published). Sure hope my agent (Diana/Hartline) and I like the print contracts as much as we like the verbal ones. I'll let you know. . . Anyway, guess what I'll be doing the next few days, weeks and months -- LOTS of editing and tweaking! :-)