Monday, January 10, 2011

Tug of War

I've had this push-and-pull relationship with my writing lately. Most of it has been pushing myself to be better, to send out query letters, to fulfill requests, to write blog posts, to be "perfect". Yes, I am a perfectionist and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

On New Year's Eve, God whispered something across my soul and got my attention, sort of like putting a drop of hydrogen peroxide on a skinned knee and feeling the burn. He told me to slow down. To wait on Him and see what He has in store. To take my focus off my writing and put it on Him. To focus on being a woman of God and letting Him guide my next steps. To neither push nor pull but to sit in His cradle of wisdom and let Him move me where He wants me to go.

And you know what I've discovered this past week? Surrendering to Him frees me to enjoy the ride.

Where are you in the push-and-pull game? Have you had any hydrogen-peroxide whispers that burn at first but lead to healing?

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  1. I agree. Many times a good critique is painful, but alas, necessary. I guess critiques are to writing what the sermon is to the Christian; Not always enjoyable and often painfull, but it's the only way we can stay on course and grow.

  2. I definitely need to heed this great advice myself! I have to remember in the midst of deadlines to enjoy this amazing journey. What a privilege to be a writer!

  3. Kenny, Yes, a critique is definitely like hydrogen peroxide...ultimately makes us better. At least, I hope so! :)

    Karla, Oh boy, deadlines can sure suck the joy out of the journey, can't they? It's good to know God is still with us in the midst of them.